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Introducing our stunning Flame Rose Dome, handcrafted with the most beautiful flames colored roses. This exquisite bouquet is carefully arranged to create a mesmerizing dome shape, making it the perfect centerpiece for any occasion. Each rose is hand-picked and delicately placed to showcase the natural beauty and elegance of these unique flowers. Whether for a special event or a thoughtful gift, our Flame Rose Dome is sure to leave a lasting impression. Elevate your floral arrangement game with this eye-catching and luxurious bouquet.


We use the best Rose grower in Equadore, all the roses come to us are 70cm

  • Meduim is 12 roses
  • Delux is 24 roses
  • Super delux is 36 roses
  • Super Duper delux is 48  roses. As seen in photo.

Beautiful Flame Rose Dome

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